Here at Pawfect Touch we offer a variety of services.

Puppy introduction - This includes a bath, brush out, ear cleaning, hygiene clip, nails and pads. A lot of breeds require regular grooming appointments, we want them to enjoy coming so it is best to introduce grooming as a positive experience from a young age.

A full groom - This includes a bath, fluff dry, nails, ears and pads. I aim to trim every dog to breed standards, this enhances the natural beauty and the good points of their breed, but this isn't always possible with the growing demand for 'designer dogs' since all coat types are different, because of this i will work with you to find the perfect groom for you and your dog.

Bath only - This is to keep your pooch looking and smelling its absolute best in between grooming appointments, nails will also be clipped.

Brush only - It isn't as easy as it sounds to brush your dog properly in between grooms, so i can help. You can book your dog in and I will brush it for you. Brush only is only available for clients who have booked regular grooming appointments. If your dog is too matted then a full groom will need to be booked first.

Eye trimming - Sometimes your dog may not be due for a full groom but is starting to get hair in front of their eyes. That's not a problem, you can make an appointment just for eyes.

Nail clipping - We offer nail clipping for all breeds of dog. nail clipping is free of charge if your dog is booked in for regular grooming appointments.

I do not and never will use cabinet dryers, all dogs are dried by hand using the very best equipment.